Pediatric Medical Group Celebrates 50 Years of Service!


Pediatric Medical Group of Santa Maria celebrates 50 years of service!

Five decades ago, the world was a very different place. Gas cost 19 cents a gallon, bread was 22 cents a loaf, and you could get into the movies for a quarter. Cell phones and computers were fantasies from the future, childhood obesity was a non-issue, and polio was prevented by a vaccine taken in a simple lump of sugar. Oh yes, and house calls were a thing of the present!

It was into this world, in 1963, that Dr. Roger Ikola opened the doors to Pediatric Medical Group of Santa Maria. Seven years later, he was joined by Dr. George Robertson, and together they built one of the largest and bestrespected pediatric practices on the Central Coast. In 1990, Dr. Ikola’s son, Dr. David Ikola, became the second generation to join the practice; recently added in the last 10 years Dr. Joseph Nunez and Dr. Shane Rostermundt to the fold. Part-time physicians Dr. Brinkman, and Dr. Kielty round out the impressive roster of doctors on staff.

In the new millennium, the practice has changed and grown, embracing the wonders that leading edge technology make possible, and fostering a culture of care that blends the personalized service of the ‘60s with the miraculous advances of modern medicine. Seven physicians and 40 staff ensure that every patient gets superior care in a practice whose members treat children.

Today, advancements in technology and the use of computers have drastically improved charting, billing, and patient safety. Today, there is better access to care for all patients; better drugs and medications; safer medication packaging; more vaccines to prevent serious illnesses; and groundbreaking neonatal advances—all of which means fewer serious illnesses, less hospitalization, and fewer invasive surgeries. Now doctors can focus on the kind of care that prevents illnesses and injuries before they happen. 50 years is a significant landmark event for the Pediatric Medical Group of Santa Maria…and for the patients and families who have supported us. Thank you! And here’s to another half century of service to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In five decades, the world will be a very different place.

Courtesy of The Sun & New Times, Susan Stewart